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coursework代写Movie Review:the Pursuit of Happyness

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Imagine, if you will, being driven to the corner of life where you can hardly eke out a meager existence, where no one is there to soothe your traumas and catch your tears, and where your most beloved ones pour scorn on your ambitions and withdraw all their confidence and solicitude from you, thereby leaving you entirely on your own. Such a catalogue of misfortunes may suffice to send shivers down the spine of many, yet it does find its best representative ever in Chris, protagonist of the movie the Pursuit of Happyness. Being a salesman-turned stockbroker going almost from rags to riches, Chris proves, in every conceivable manner, a lively and classic example that shows precisely what is meant by a magnanimous man, an enterprising worker, a loving father and a gracious husband. Born of humble origins, Chris is deprived of all privileges reserved for the upper-class and scrapes through a living in his entire childhood and early adulthood years. He does not meet his father until the age of 28. As paternal affection is absent from his childhood, Chris pledges, silently yet firmly, never to leave his own son in a situation where he would not know his father and to provide him with whatever little is at his own disposal. For quite some time in his earlier years, life for Chris is infinitely precarious and proves a perpetual struggle for survival(a backlog of unpaid parking tickets and endlessly deferred house rents), yet although he languishes in destitution and torn asunder, on this account, from his wife, Chris remains as steadfast and resolute as ever in quest of a respectable career. He recommends himself to the stock office, prevails on the personnel staff and manages to win a place in the training program that w absorbs only one new stockbroker each half year. Being keenly aware that the chance for him to succeed in the internship is hopelessly slim (inadequate formal schooling being the utmost counter-factor that works against him), he still clings tenaciously to a gleam of hope, applies himself assiduously, and neatly coordinates all the priorities (making phone calls, meeting prospective clients, fetching the son and seeking shelter). He fends off all the insults and taunts inflicted on him, resolves to confront life as it is, and buckles down to making something more of his life in the humble belief that adversity shall eventually usher in prosperity if one sets the goal, stays focused on it and observes all thoughts and ideas to go for it. Such an unspoken belief which goes into the heart of his personality is inculcated subliminally into his son and sustains him all the way through his days of uncertainty in the half-year-long internship as a trainee in the brokerage firm. As days turn into weeks and weeks into months, his unfailing endeavor, underpinned by an unyielding resolve to effect a positive change to life, is fully recognized and amply rewarded. Once again, he dissolves in tears of subdued excitement the moment the directing board pronounces his success. It should be argued that such a movie is not, or rather, by no means, a story fabricated, like so many others, with a sole purpose of being sensational, commercial and profit-orientated, but rather, is inspired by a real personal story that is meant to be thought-provoking, soul-touching, morale-boosting, and life-enhancing. It serves as a raw portrayal of how a marginalized American life empowers himself by beating the odds stacked against him and makes what is seemingly impossible possible. Today, blessed with so many modern conveniences and luxuries promised by the state-of-the-art technology, most of us are sailing through a relatively comfortable life, yet in the course of enjoying all bestowed on us, how many of us would ever give even a passing thought to those in adversity, to the socially deprived and the financially challenged and to what we would do if under similar circumstances?Upon reflection on all such questions, I contemplate it is high time that we looked within at the recesses of our hearts and at what truly happens inside each one of us, for such self-introspection would emphasize sharply the value of a positive outlook towards life, of a ceaseless and focused pursuit of a dream and of the timeless virtue of being grateful for what we have, be it buoyant health, a loving family member, a fast long-term friend, a slimly-paid menial job, a roof over the head, or simply the contentment in knowing that we are still alive!




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