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Thesis代写Short Research Paper Guide

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[摘 要]:Prospectus will be due on or before September 12th Paper: You will be required to write a Short Research Paper relative to grammar/Language Studies in general. Topics can be as diverse and varied as teaching grammar in elementary school to..Prospectus will be due on or before September 12th Paper: You will be required to write a Short Research Paper relative to grammar/Language Studies in general. Topics can be as diverse and varied as teaching grammar in elementary school to the history of grammar. Another good approach to this sort of essaylw would be to write a research report that addresses a specific concern. The research report will review and discuss no fewer than three primary texts/sources with the aim of informing one’s audience of recent and/or pertinent publications re your topic. All paper topics must be discussed with and approved by me in conference. Papers will be: • A minimum of 7 pages in length (double spaced) • 10 or 12 Times New Roman, or Courier font (Times New Roman is preferred) • MLA or APA Format • All work will use a minimum of five sources • Papers will be evaluated on both content AND style (after all, this IS a grammar course) • All drafts and revisions will be communicated via our D2L drop box (writing essaylw #3) Because writing is a process, and because most of you will be entering a profession steeped in writing, grammar, and language-oriented duties, I’d like you to apply a process protocol to your project, i.e., generative pre-writing (invention), multiple drafting (revision), peer/professor collaboration, . . . Phase one, the prospectus. (I will want to read and discuss this) A prospectus is a short written presentation that should present your purpose, possible thesis, audience (who will be reading your work?) and possible sources you will use to support your position. Your prospectus can also be seen as a sort of generative writing, i.e., thinking on paper with an eye on returning to your text in order to revise, reshape, restyle your ideas into a qualified rough draft. Phase two, the drafting and revision process Writers never “get it right” the first time. Drafting allows you to fill out your ideas through multiple revisions. Each successive draft will bring you closer to fully developing your thesis, honoring your purpose, and pleasing your audience. Phase three, editing Because this is a grammar course, one would expect a grammatically correct paper. While in the drafting process, allow yourself the luxury of not worrying about the form/mechanics of your work. However, when you prepare your work for public consumption, it must be up to conventional standards. Some suggested topics: • The place of grammar in the writing classroom • Grammar instruction in any of the intervals between K through 12 • Grammar in theory and practice • The debate regarding sentence diagramming and its various alternatives • The value of grammar in general • A short history of English Grammar in the Chinese school system • You can, of course research your own concerns as well..org But your paper must connect with teaching and/or English Education pedagogy


[摘要]:招股说明书是由于9月12日或之前纸:你将被要求写一个简短的论文相对一般语法/语言研究。主题可以是多样和多变的语法教学在小学发布招股说明书将于9月12日纸或之前到期:你将被要求写一个简短的论文相对一般语法/语言研究。主题可以是多样和多变的语法教学在小学的历史语法。这类转让的另一个好方法是将写一份研究报告,解决特定问题。该研究报告将审查和讨论不下三个主要的文本/来源,目的是通知最近的和/或相关出版物的观众重新你的话题。所有论文题目必须加以讨论,我在会议批准。 •论文将是:•至少7页的篇幅(双倍行距)10或12宋体,或Courier字体(宋体)•MLA或APA格式•所有工作将使用最少的五个来源论文将被评估内容和风格的(毕竟,这是一个文法课程)•所有的草稿和修订将会通过我们D2L下拉框(书面作业#3)因为写作是一个过程,因为你的大部分进入一个行业沉浸在写作,语法,面向语言的职务,我想请你到你的项目中应用程序协议,即,生成预写(发明),多个起草(修订),对等体/教授合作,。 。 。一期,招股说明书。 (我将要阅读和讨论这个)招股章程是一个简短的书面陈述,应当出示你的目的,可能的论文,观众(谁将会阅读你的工作吗?)和可能的来源,你会来支持你的立场。你的招股说明书中也可以被看作是一种衍生的书写,即,着眼于在纸上的思想,以返回到您的文本修改,重塑,重塑你的想法变成一个合格的草稿。二期,起草和修改过程作家从来没有得到它的权利“的第一次。起草允许你填写你的想法通过多个版本。每个连续的草案将带给你充分发挥你的论文,尊重你的目的,取悦观众。第三阶段,编辑,因为这是一个文法课程,期望一个语法正确的纸张。虽然在起草过程中,让自己的奢侈品,不用担心你的工作形式/力学。然而,当您准备的工作,供市民消费,它必须是常规标准。有些人建议的主题:在写作课堂语法的​​地方•12•语法的理论和实践•辩论一句图表和它的各种替代品•值在一般的语法•一个文法教学在任何间隔与K通过历史很短•英语语法在中国的学校系统就可以了,课程研究自己的关注以及组织结构,但您的纸张必须连接教学和/或英语教育学




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